Full Term!! 30-37 weeks

As of today, we have officially reached full term! A lot has happened in the last few weeks, and I can’t believe how close we are to welcoming our little girl into the world! 

Robert and I have spent most of our weekends nesting, putting together baby gear, and trying to get caught up with school before her arrival. I’m scheduled to finish my master’s program just 10 days before her due date, so we’re hoping she stays in there until then! 

Medically, I’ve had a couple of “scares”, but nothing major. The first was that my blood work was coming back with very low blood sugar levels, and i was getting very lightheaded, dizzy, and my arms felt heavy and numb. I retested several times, and luckily was not officially diagnosed with hypoglycemia, but I do need to eat every 2-3 hours and have a glass of OJ when I start to feel symptoms again! Keeping up on protein-heavy snacks and eating first thing in the morning has all but eliminated any issues I was having. I’m feeling great now! 

The other issue we had was that baby girl was measuring small for several appointments in a row. They sent me in for a fetal growth ultrasound just to double check and make sure everything was alright in there, and it was! She’s just a tiny little nugget, perfectly healthy and in the 45th percentile. They estimated that she’ll be around 7-7.5 pounds at birth, so we’ll see! While it was scary to think something might be wrong, it was so exciting to get to have a couple more pictures of her cute little face. We weren’t expecting to have any more ultrasounds, so we had accepted that we wouldn’t get to see her again until she was born. I also got to see her foot, and her hands were right up against her face like a little damsel in distress. We definitely woke her up and she was NOT HAPPY. 

As far as “baby checklist goes”, the nursery is finished, the pack n play bassinet is set up in the bedroom, the swing is set up in the living room, and the stroller and carseat are put together. As of now, the last thing on our baby to-do list is to set up the baby monitors for when she naps in the crib and install the carseat! We even spent a good amount of time fixing up the house, hanging pictures and taking care of big to-do’s that we wanted to take care of. I cannot believe she’s almost here. 


And now for some pictures!

10527885_10103876880068161_2713220158724060307_n 10462737_10103859908234851_3546951325939266180_n 10443078_10152487762044483_6707379072504047571_o 10402858_10103714251387341_8199251904652226899_n 10363395_10152041589957003_490719424313795559_n 10308049_10101960269286638_4252816495281645387_n 10300224_10103711134473661_4124612090840262076_n 10152050_10100350595261478_6493349597493861144_n 14195466050_b5d621814e_z 14380602152_3129e1f4e5_z 14381063624_b2160d952d_z 14402202823_693b38d37b_z


I’m feeling A TON of movement, and she’s been head down for about 3 weeks now, just hanging out and waiting for her big debut. 

How Far Along:  37 weeks

Weight Gain/Loss:  Up 27 pounds! Grow, baby, grow! 

Sleep:  sleep has been okay, I switch sides a lot because my hips get sore, and I get up to pee about 3 times. I usually fall right back asleep though. 

Exercise: Still using the treadmill as much as I can, with some weights thrown in now and then. When it’s nice out, we’ve been walking the dogs and I’ll count that. 🙂 

Best Moment:  knowing she’s happy and healthy in there, even if she is a little small! 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Oddly I’m only craving sweets right now. I usually choke down some dinner with the promise that I’ll get a bowl of cereal afterwards. Not a big fan of meat, but we’ve been eating a lot of chicken and steak!

Pregnancy Symptoms: BH contractions sometimes, and I’ve definitely got the “waddle” going on. Congestion is still here, and a new symptom in the last few weeks: tinnitus. SO ANNOYING. 

What I Miss: my family! I’m excited for people to come out and visit soon!

Stretch Marks:  The dreaded linea nigra has finally made it’s appearance. Other than that, I have a few stretch marks on my hips but nothing major! 

Mood: Mostly great, with a few days of being a grump for no reason at all. Oh, and the occasional mental breakdown/am I going to be a good mom/How am I going to do it all cry sessions. Luckily, Robert is always great during these and just holds me until it passes. Then I laugh at myself and apologize for being a crazy person. Yay, hormones. 

Milestones: Full term!! We can officially deliver at our base hospital (the transfer you if you are under 36 weeks) and she shouldn’t need any time in the NICU if she’s born any time between now and 42 weeks. 🙂 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Just the regular weekly checkups! As far as events go, BEING DONE WITH SCHOOL. I’m so excited! 

What I look forward to: Enjoying time with family and having a HUGE GLASS OF WINE after she’s born. With a turkey sandwich on the side. 


Weeks 25-29 Recap


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This has been a crazy last few weeks! Our pre-baby to do list is slowly getting completed, but it still feels like there are a million things to do. We have made a lot of headway on the nursery after a few painting setbacks. The guy at Lowe’s mixed the wrong color the first time, so we had to go through the process of getting a new color mixed and getting a refund for the original gallon. Finally we got a color we liked! 

Robert did all of the painting and then got to work on putting together the crib, changing table and dresser. I painted the knobs on the dresser gold to give them a little bit of color. I’ll paint the curtain rods the same gold color (we removed the closet doors and will replace with curtains to give the room more space!) 


I’ll show photos of the finished product when it’s finally completed! We only have a few more nursery-related items to work on…


We also spent a weekend in DC visiting the Beyers! Robert had a work trip so I tagged along to take a mini-vacation. It was so great to see them and we had a blast visiting Georgetown, Wegman’s and The Smithsonian of Natural History! By the second day of the trip, I finally felt the pregnancy taking a toll on me. My back was so sore that it hurt to lay down after walking around all day, and my feet were definitely swollen after being in the heat! I tried to take a walk while Robert was working and really didn’t make it far, my back was just not having it anymore. 



Workouts have still been pretty good, lots of walking/jogging on the treadmill and doing weights/squats/lunges in between. I definitely run out of breathe a lot sooner and have taken it down quite a few notches in intensity. We cancelled our Crossfit memberships for now to save some money and have both been doing our own workouts, which seems to be going great! 

The baby is moving SO. MUCH. The doctor told me to start counting kicks during an active hour, but she usually has active 4 hours. She likes to have dance parties in there! I can tell she’s starting to run out of room, but I still get so happy when I feel her move, even if she is jabbing me in the ribs. 

I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow, which will put her at almost 3 pounds and the length of a cucumber!  Her skin is getting smoother, but the brain is getting wrinklier! She should now be strong enough to grasp a finger. (This made me cry of course, because I pictured it and can’t wait for her to be here!)

We also started our Lamaze classes, and have already learned so much. Robert was a little freaked out by how hard labor can be, but I know he’ll be a fantastic coach and get me through it. The massage and calming techniques will be a breeze for him, considering how many headaches I’ve gotten over the last 11 years! Most of them are facial/neck massages, so that was one part he felt VERY prepared for. 🙂 

As far as I go, I’ve definitely started to feel big. I’ve been getting random bouts of heartburn/indigestion, and am really tired a lot of the time. Every Saturday and Sunday consists of a nap these days. Also, my clothes are definitely starting to not fit anymore. Some of my favorite “big” t-shirts are now way too tight, and I have to steal Robert’s instead.



How Far Along:  30 weeks (third trimester!)

Weight Gain/Loss:  Up 16 pounds at my last appointment, probably closer to 20 now. 

Sleep:  random moments of insomnia where I’m wide awake at 3am for no reason. My sides also start to hurt and my leg/arm falls asleep if I lay on one side for too long, so lots of tossing and turning.  

Exercise: Slow and steady, still working out about 3-5 times a week. 

Best Moment:  Feeling/seeing her kick all the time.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still anti-chicken if I see it in it’s raw state. Really craving cold things, but I think that’s just because it’s finally warming up out here. I really want a cold fountain soda. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: ower back pain, heartburn, lack of sleep, weird dreams, shortness of breath/feeling like I can’t breathe. 

What I Miss: sleep. 

Stretch Marks:  Nada! I’ve started applying stretch mark lotion at night just in case. It’s been feeling really tight lately, and I can feel a lot of stretching happening! 

Mood: Mostly great, with a few days of being a grump for no reason at all. Yay, hormones. 

Milestones: Made it to the third trimester! And we got most of the nursery set up, which was a big to-do. Oh, and passing my Glucose test with flying colors! 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: BABY SHOWER IN PHOENIX THIS WEEKEND!!!!!

What I look forward to: Finishing the nursery, baby shower, preparing to meet our little girl!  

24 weeks, nesting and nursery furniture!


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The past couple of weeks have been heavy in preparation for our baby girl! Our roommate moved to her next station, and we’ve been doing some reorganizing around the house. We put together some new shelves, organized areas of the house, got the carpets cleaned, and are ready to transfer the guest room furniture into another room and turn the current guest room into the nursery! 


In the kitchen, our pantry was my biggest frustration. I could never find anything, and every time I pulled a can out a pile of rice packets or cereal boxes or empty granola bar boxes would fall out. I spent a good 4 hours re-organizing the whole thing from top to bottom. I started by making plexi-glass shelves covered in contact paper, and then pulled everything out of the pantry. I threw away everything that was expired or stale, grouped everything into categories, and bought a bunch of 89 cent plastic bins from Target. After all that, my pantry went from this: 



to this!


I can actually see everything, and grocery shopping was so much easier!! Let’s see how long we can keep it that way. 

In baby news, we made our first big purchase for the nursery! We looked at several cribs over the weekend, and decided to get this bedroom set on Amazon: 



I’m so excited to see it all set up! We’re slowly getting through our to-do list, including setting up the registry and figuring out exactly what we need to do before the big arrival. 

People are finally starting to notice my bump, which is really fun! I still feel like I just look bloated, but strangers have asked me when I’m due so it must be starting to be obvious! Here’s a bump pic from last week at 23 weeks 4 days. 🙂 


I’ve started to trade my heels for flats at work, my feet are starting to swell throughout the day and heels make it worse. I’m also still rocking my favorite maternity sweater, obviously. I swear I don’t wear it every day, just on the days I decide to take a bathroom selfie. 

I’ve been feeling pretty good. There are still a lot of nights where I start to fall asleep on the couch at 8pm, but work and life have been extremely busy lately, so I’m not surprised. I sleep pretty good, but I sometimes wake up uncomfortable and crampy. I toss and turn a bit and eventually fall back asleep. My sciatic nerve pain comes and goes, mostly if I’m standing for too long. I really want to start doing some prenatal yoga on my off days. I’m still doing crossfit a couple times a week with a TON of modifications, and always make sure that I can breathe comfortably and aren’t over-exerting myself. On days I don’t go, I make use of our treadmill in the basement. Running is really uncomfortable, so I’ve been sticking to incline walking at varying inclines and speeds. I try to go for 30-45 minutes, which gives me time to catch up on shows on Hulu. 🙂 

I have been feeling the baby A LOT lately. The other night I’m pretty sure she had hiccups, because they were very rhythmic jumps! It’s still crazy to feel her moving inside of me. We had our 23 weeks checkup, and all of her anatomy scan results were normal and healthy! This was great news to hear. Her heartbeat is still strong, even though she really hates the heartrate monitor and kicked it several times while trying to get a reading. She’s a feisty one! They said everything was on track with me, and my next checkup will be the glucose test and follow up in about 4 weeks. 

She is almost a pound now, and her brain is continuing to develop! The doctor had me start taking an Omega-3 supplement to help her brain develop properly (and because I refuse to eat fish). As of right now, she is as big as an ear of corn! Her face is almost fully formed, including eyelashes, eyebrows and hair!

Now for the summary! 

How Far Along:  24 weeks!!!

Weight Gain/Loss:  I was up 11 pounds at my last appointment, which the doctor said was right on track for me! 

Sleep:  fall asleep fast, but get woken up by some slight pain in my sciatic nerve or lower back, and the everlasting need to pee. I pee about every 20 minutes it seems. 

Exercise: Still getting workouts in about 3-6 times a week! 

Best Moment:  Hearing that the anatomy scan results all looked great, and buying the nursery furniture.

Food Cravings/Aversions: No aversions really, other than chicken if I’m the one preparing it raw. I still love a hot fudge sundae from McDonalds, but have been pretty good about not getting them too often. 😉 

Pregnancy Symptoms: some lower back pain, and heartburn if I eat anything too spicy (goodbye, indian food), and have started noticing my feet/ankles swelling by the end of the day now that it’s getting warm out. 

What I Miss: my family! I’m excited to see my mom next week! 

Stretch Marks:  Nada! I’ve started applying stretch mark lotion at night just in case. It’s been feeling really tight lately, and I can feel a lot of stretching happening! 

Mood: Most days I’m in a great mood. I absolutely love carrying my little girl with me every day and thinking about when she finally arrives. And then I really think about what that entails, i.e. LABOR. We’ve been reading a ton of books on labor and delivery, but I don’t think I’ll feel fully at ease with it until we start our lamaze classes and learn more about the hospital itself and their process. Right now it just feels like such an unknown that it scares me to death. 

Milestones: I haven’t gone to McDonald’s every day even though it’s on my way home from work! 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Glucose test, and 28 week checkup! 

What I look forward to: My mom visiting! She’ll be here for a week over Easter and I’m so excited.  


20 Weeks! (HALFWAY THERE!)

I cannot believe I’m already 20 weeks along. I’m definitely starting to get into the nesting/panic mode, and purchased roughly 5 Kindle books on caring for a newborn. It’s getting more real that we will have our little one with us in a few months!

The last couple of weeks have had a lot of milestones. I felt the first kicks from the outside (Robert hasn’t felt them yet, but it mostly happens in the morning when I’m at work, and she sleeps in the evenings. Opposite of mom!)

We had our anatomy scan and although they couldn’t reveal too many details, everything looked good. The baby is 10 ounces, has 5 fingers on each hand and 5 toes on each foot, loves to lay right on top of my bladder, and has very prominent lips! Heartbeat is still strong at 140 and we got an excellent view of the baby’s profile, legs and spine.

It was fascinating to see how far she’s developed since our last ultrasound 8 weeks ago. The second best part of the scan (aside from seeing our healthy, happy baby!) was finding out that we are having a little girl!!

She has gotten a ton of clothes already, but this is the first outfit I purchased for her!

Robert and I are so thrilled to be having a daughter, and are brainstorming names all the time. We can’t wait to meet her!

More about the baby at this stage: 

She now has fingerprints

She can make facial gestures such as smiling and frowning

She’s about the size of a mango (!! seems crazy to me)

Her uterus is fully formed


How I’m feeling

I have been feeling a lot better lately! Food aversions are pretty much gone (except for eggs and chicken if I’m the one preparing it. I still can’t seem to eat those). I’ve been craving a mixture of salty and sweet, and occasionally have the frustration of craving something and having no idea what it is. For the first time, a stranger asked if I was expecting, which was exciting. I am not showing very much, but at certain times (and in certain outfits!) it’s obvious that there is a baby in there. Here’s a 20 week 4 day photo:

my favorite maternity sweater. So comfy.

How Far Along:  20 weeks and 4 days

Weight Gain/Loss:  I hover between being up 7 and 8 pounds.

Sleep:  I’ve been staying asleep, but falling asleep is a bit more difficult. I also wake up pretty congested, which makes it hard to breathe and I have to prop myself up.

Exercise: Getting better! I’ve cut back on a lot of movements at Crossfit, and have been making sure to stay at a level where I can still be conversational. I have been walking more on days that I don’t go to the gym. Right now it’s more about just keeping my heart healthy and focusing on listening to my body. If something seems like it’s too strenuous, I take it down a notch.

Best Moment:  Seeing our baby again for an entire hour! and Finding out we’re having a little girl.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still really liking chocolate milk at breakfast, and salty snacks. I’ve been trying to stick to things like almonds but there are the occasional bag of chips that slip in there. 😉

Pregnancy Symptoms: The lower back pain is starting to kick in. I had a pretty busy week and was on my feet a lot, so it could be attributed to that as well. Robert bought me a Prenatal massage for Valentine’s day that I finally used yesterday, and it was heavenly. I ended up signing up for a 6 month membership because it helped me out so much. I could tell a difference immediately in my shoulders and back. 

What I Miss: I’m going to miss our roommate! Austin moves out the first week of April.

Stretch Marks:  Nada! Let’s hope it stays that way!

Mood: uhh…let’s just say some days are better than others. Most days I feel great, but there are days where I am just irritated and want to sit in stretchy pants and lay in bed watching Netflix.

Milestones: Made it halfway!

Upcoming Appointments/Events: Appointment with our midwife on April 1st to go over the anatomy scan results

What I look forward to: Getting started on the nursery!


17 weeks and a heartbeat video!


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Last Thursday (2/20) was the 17 week mark for the baby! The most exciting development this week is that the baby can start to hear sounds, like my heartbeat and my voice. The heart is beating at 153 bpm (video below!) and the kidneys and liver are both functioning. She/he (although we really think she) is about the size of an apple and weighs 5 ounces! 

Here’s a link to the heartbeat recording:


At our appointment this week, we got to hear her heartbeat on the doppler. It didn’t take any time at all to find, which the doctor said was an excellent sign! 

One exciting new development is that I’m starting to feel her move around, especially after I drink chocolate milk or have something with a lot of sugar. It’s such a crazy feeling and I can’t wait for Robert to be able to feel it, too. 

Health-wise, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I get headaches probably 2-3 times a week around 1pm, but they are easy to keep at bay with Tylenol and the occasional small glass of Coke. My co-workers all know that I’m expecting and are so sweet about everything. After my doctor’s appointment on Thursday, at least 4 of them came by to ask how it went. 🙂 

I’m showing a little bit, but I do have to press down on the top of my abdomen and my “bump” pokes out a little more prominently, like below: (taken at 17w after a long day, hence the messy hair and bathroom shot)




Onto the recap!

How Far Along:  17 weeks and 4 days

Weight Gain/Loss:  Up 6 pounds, which the doctor said was right on track! 

Sleep:  Much better these days! I wake up about 3 times a night to pee, but easily fall back asleep. 

Exercise: Much better! I worked out 4 times last week. I’ve been doing crossfit still and the coaches are great at pulling me aside before each workout and giving me modifications. Any time I don’t feel comfortable with a movement, I do my own modification. I’ve been sticking to these substitutions for a lot of the exercises. 

Best Moment:  Feeling movement for the first time! Now I know when she’s most active (first thing in the morning, after breakfast) so I look forward to it every day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still no chicken or eggs. I haven’t been craving chocolate much, but have been eating strawberries like they’re going out of style. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: Occasional round ligament pain, and falling asleep on the couch around 8:30pm. 

What I Miss: Having plenty of options when getting dressed in the morning. I spend a lot more time planning my outfits because I have to make sure my longer shirts and bella bands are clean. 

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Mood: Good! I do have some weepy moments, but that’s not really much different than pre-pregnancy.

Milestones: I have a little bit more of an idea for nurseries (both girl and boy) which I was really struggling with. I just didn’t like anything I saw! 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: 20 week Anatomy Scan in March. This is going to be a long, detailed ultrasound and I cannot wait to see our little one again! 

What I look forward to: Robert being able to feel the movement, too! I want to share it with him because it is seriously the coolest thing. There’s a person in there, guys! 

15 Weeks!



I can’t believe I’m already at 15 weeks. The first trimester flew by, and the second trimester has been so much nicer physically. I’m still tired A LOT, and sometimes it’s a battle to stay up past 8 on weeknights, but otherwise I feel really good.

The low point has been fear. I’m constantly afraid of doing something wrong, or that something has happened to the baby. Every time I have a cramp, or fall down (Thank you, Storm and Rogue) I can’t help but fear for the worst. This is literally the biggest responsibility I’ve ever had, and I’m terrified of messing up. From what I’ve read, this is completely normal! So luckily, I’m not the only crazy person. Having appointments 6 weeks apart isn’t helping, either.

The high point has been that I’m finally starting to show, and not look like I made too many trips through the drive thru. My pants officially don’t fit, so I bit the bullet and made the trek to Motherhood Maternity to get some pants. Katie has generously supplied me with an abundance of maternity clothes that need to be washed and worn now. Someone at work finally commented that she could see my bump, which was very exciting to hear! Robert still says he doesn’t notice it, I think he’s lying because he’s afraid to hurt my feelings.


awkward bathroom selfie and I still have no ass.

This week, the baby is the length of an orange and weighs 3-5 ounces. She can hear us talking, and can sense light even though her eyelids are still sealed. She can also hiccup and make faces! I’m really hoping that she gives us some good views at our next appointment. The last two, she’s been a little uncooperative (just like mom) and has been too wiggly to get good printed pictures. Maybe I need to lay off the sugar before appointments? 😉

How Far Along:  15 weeks and 0 days

Weight Gain/Loss:  I caved and bought a scale. I’m currently up around 5 pounds, so right on track!

Sleep:  Most nights I sleep like a rock, but recently our fan has been making a clicking noise and we haven’t fixed it, so we sleep with it off. I struggle with sleeping anywhere without a fan, so I’ve had some trouble staying asleep. Last night I opened the window and while I was comfortable, I think Robert had icicles forming on his nostrils.

Exercise: Sigh. I’ve been trying, but right now it’s only happening about 2-4 times a week. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s been tough to wake up early to work out before work, and after work I can easily talk myself out of it. Maybe next week?

Best Moment:  My first day at work wearing maternity pants. Sweet baby Jesus it was nice to not have my pants pinching all day.

Food Cravings/Aversions: I thought I was in the clear on most foods until I tried to cook chicken the other night. I can eat chicken fine, but the process of touching raw chicken made me almost vomit, and completely ruined my appetite for it. I haven’t really wanted it since then. I still really like salty foods and an occasional bowl of cereal (usually at 3am). I’ve had an odd craving for chocolate milk lately, so maybe she’s telling me she needs calcium?

Pregnancy Symptoms: Sleepy! I’ve also started getting what I can only assume is round ligament pain. It only last a little while, and tends to go away if I exercise. Other than that, I’m feeling really good! 

What I Miss: having enough energy to work out!

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Mood: It’s been a lot better, but I still get moody sometimes. I don’t know if I can attribute that to pregnancy though…

Milestones: The real milestone is that I haven’t gone crazy buying baby stuff. There was a huge sale at Target but I held strong. Once we know for sure what we’re having, all bets are off. 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: 17 week appointment on February 21st.

What I look forward to: Finally washing all of the maternity clothes Katie gave me and having a whole new wardrobe! 🙂

13 (ish) weeks

We’ve officially crossed over into the 2nd trimester, which from everything I’ve read is the best of the three. My nausea has finally subsided (knock on wood!) and I’m feeling physically so much better. I think my body has finally adjusted to life without caffeine, but it was a rough transition. The best part of reaching the 2nd trimester is getting to tell everyone our news! We put up our Facebook announcement on Thursday at the 13 week mark.


Those adorable little shoes were my first baby clothing purchase, and they are so tiny! Baby clothes are addicting, and I need to step away from Amazon.

Other updates: My pants don’t fit. The biggest dilemma isn’t even my stomach, it’s my chicken legs. I would  just go up a size in pants but then I’m swimming in them everywhere else! I have heard good things about Ann Taylor maternity, so a trip to the outlets might be in order this weekend.

We had our NT scan this week, and everything looked fantastic. This is a very wiggly, active baby and the technician had a tough time getting it to sit still to get a good reading. I already see a bit of an attitude in this one, especially when we interrupt napping!

On the day that we had the NT scan, we got some very sad news that Lynn Elliott had passed away, which was heartbreaking to hear. We know that she is in a much better place and watching down on us and our growing family with the same love she showed here on earth.

Pregnancy so far:

How Far Along:  13 weeks and 4 days

Weight Gain/Loss:  Not sure! I won’t get weighed again until 17 weeks and we don’t have a scale.

Sleep:  I switch back and forth between a regular pillow and the Snoogle, but sleep has been great lately. I still get tired around 8:30-9, and usually sleep through the night like a rock.

Exercise: I’ve been a little better about getting in exercise. I’m doing Crossfit twice a week and getting in treadmill workouts 3 times week. Some days are better than others in the motivation department. 🙂

Best Moment:  Taking baby to their first concert! We drove up to Bloomington, IL to see Yellowcard, and it was an amazing show. We got VIP tickets which included a meet and greet, photo, and access to the front of the audience in a roped off section. It was well worth the money because it was CROWDED. I was worried about getting pushed around too much but the roped off section was perfect. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Still craving salt, but sweets have made a comeback. I’m finally craving healthier food, like fresh fruit and veggies. Cooked veggies are hit or miss. Poultry still grosses me out, but Austin made some chicken the other night that I loved. Pizza is still on the no fly list.

Pregnancy Symptoms: Occasional fatigue, bloating, aversions to certain foods, my boobs are bigger! 

What I Miss: pizza

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Mood: Now that I’m feeling better physically, I’m in a much better mood. I still have days where I wake up annoyed for no reason, and can be a little edgier than usual (Sorry, Robert!)

Milestones: We *might* have found out the sex of the baby, but it’s so early that I’m not quite ready to shout it from the rooftops. We’ll know for sure at 20 weeks. 🙂 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: 17 week appointment on February 23rd.

What I look forward to: Leaving this awkward in-between stage of not fitting into my current clothes but not being big enough for maternity clothes.

And baby makes 3…

Or 5 if you count Storm and Rogue! Now that we have reached the 12 week mark, we’ve told almost all of our close friends and family. We had our first appointment on the 10th, and we got to see a very bouncy baby-like thing in my uterus. Photo evidence:


It’s definitely a human baby! It was surreal to see it on screen, moving around when I pushed down on my stomach. Everything looked perfectly healthy, with a strong heartbeat of 174.

We go in for our NT scan on the 23rd, and we’re so excited to get to see another picture of our baby! We opted for the non-invasive testing for chromosomal abnormalities, and are looking forward to the opportunity to see the little one.

As far as pregnancy goes, it’s been a bit rough. I have a weak stomach to begin with, so morning sickness has been quite the issue. I don’t actually throw up, thank goodness, but I just feel nauseated all day! Zofran helps a bunch, and also eating more frequently. I’m hoping to have a better appetite in the coming weeks so I can eat healthier and get better meals.

Pregnancy so far:

How Far Along:  12 weeks and 1 day

Weight Gain/Loss:  Last visit with the doctor on 1/10 I was up 2.5 pounds. I think it was more but then I got a bad cold and couldn’t eat anything but soup. So I probably lost some during that.

Sleep:  Sometimes I take half a Unisom and recently bought a Snoogle, but I still wake up all the time and have trouble falling back asleep.

Exercise: The first few weeks were really tough. I had really bad morning sickness and fatigue. I’m finally getting back into a routine of crossfit 2-3 times a week and 30-45 minutes on the treadmill 2-3 times a week. It’s so nice to have one in the basement now!

Best Moment:  Seeing our baby on the ultrasound, and seeing a strong heartbeat. Seeing that little flicker was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. 

Food Cravings/Aversions: Cravings: chips and salsa, McDonald’s french fries, triscuits, wheat berries with butter, the occasional milkshake. Aversions: most sweets, granola bars, EGGS, dairy products in general, pizza, hot coffee

Pregnancy Symptoms: Upset stomach occasionally, headaches, overall feeling like I never sleep. 

What I Miss: Booze.

Stretch Marks:  Not yet!

Mood: Some days I get incredibly overwhelmed with the whole idea of being pregnant, and get frustrated that I am always complaining to Robert about feeling sick. Other days, I’m so happy about everything that is happening right now!

Milestones: We made it through the first trimester! 

Upcoming Appointments/Events: NT scan on the 23rd.

What I look forward to: Starting to show instead of just looking fat.